About Us

Our Founders

Nutan School is run by Bal Vikas Samity which is recognized by Govt. of M.P. affiliated to board of secondary education which is dedicated to the course of education welfare, yoga and social services in order to achieve this goal the society established Nutan School in the year 1990 starting with Primary Section. It is raised up to higher Secondary level.

The aim of establishing this institution was to develop the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students so that the quality of life can be enhanced into them. To ensure this sense of feeling students are prepared for active, independent learning in an environment which fills a spirit of keen competition.

Directors' Desk

We prefer to create situations where a child challenges his own ability and hence becomes his own competitor and thus keep improving and rediscovering himself. The child learns to co-operate and collaborate with others. Along with sharpening his intellect he adds on to his emotional strength too. Such learning practices make a child happy individual who helps in creating a healthy society.

Our aim at Nutan is to provide the students with the guidelines to shape them into a versatile human being ready to take up all the challenges that life brings at them. To achieve this we have a curriculum which initiates an urge to learn within the children and gently leads them to try out untested paths of learning.

One of the paramount things in education in the context of emerging scenario is the relevance of what is being taught in educational institutions. After all, the true test of education is not what one learns within the four walls of school and the class room, but what one does with the learning when he enters the life ahead. The whole world today has been dubbed as "province of knowledge ". Everyone is talking about the knowledge - explosion. If one is in information technology, communication and even entrepreneurship, one is deemed to possess knowledge in all aspects of human endeavour.

Our objective is to offer a diverse academic curriculum, wide array of extra-curricular activities and to continually strive to enhance our student's strength. We are always open to refreshing views and suggestions which can add more value to the students of our school.

Principal's Desk

I am so amused that how wisely my predecessors worked to give the right way to this institution. With the time it has taken the shape of a happy family for all who are connected with Nutan School. Since its inception, almost a decade ago, the school has been able to grow on the foundations of good values and the urge to excel. Our efforts here are to ensure that our students imbibe that qualities that would help them balance excellence and academics with creativity and passion.

A child requires for its growth not only food and shelter, but also the various social and emotional experiences that come from love and affection shown to him and also the training given to him. We try to give our child the best of the school's as well as home. We should try to infuse in them a liberal spirit of humanism. As the future of the country is in the hands of youth so we take care of that we can also contribute in it through helping children.


The vision for Nutan is to produce responsible young people of whom all can be proud. We are committed to provide educational excellence for all. We pursue the highest standards in academic achievement and organizational performance. We build positive relationships through honesty, respect and compassion, which enhance the self-esteem, safety, and well-being of our students, families and staff. We foster an environment that serves all students and aspires to eliminate the achievement gap.


We provide the highest quality education so that all of our students are empowered to lead productive and fulfilling lives as lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Keeping in view of quality of education in today's scenario we are providing pleasant environment for studies which is suitable to achieve goals with special importance to personality development and quality education in all sphere of activities, without compromising on the quality, codes of ethics and academic excellence.

School's Tradition

We honor the diversity of our community by working as a team to ensure the educational success of all of our students and recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities to promote democratic principles. We give priority to Indian culture and values.