Principal's Desk

I am so amused that how wisely my predecessors worked to give the right way to this institution. With the time it has taken the shape of a happy family for all who are connected with Nutan School. Since its inception, almost a decade ago, the school has been able to grow on the foundations of good values and the urge to excel. Our efforts here are to ensure that our students imbibe that qualities that would help them balance excellence and academics with creativity and passion.

A child requires for its growth not only food and shelter, but also the various social and emotional experiences that come from love and affection shown to him and also the training given to him. We try to give our child the best of the school's as well as home. We should try to infuse in them a liberal spirit of humanism. As the future of the country is in the hands of youth so we take care of that we can also contribute in it through helping children.