All students benefit from our excellent facilities which include our science labs, a vast sports arena, music and dance rooms computer lab, books and toys library, art and craft, personality development and medical room.


We have a huge sports ground where students can enjoy outstanding sports like cricket, football, hand ball, volley-ball, basket ball, hockey, badminton along with some traditional games like kho-kho and kabbadi.

Music and Dance

We encourage our students to learn not only vocal but also instrumental music with a number of instruments like drum, table, dholak, harmonium, key-board, flute etc along with different traditional dance forms.

Computer and Science lab

We have a vast computer lab where students can explore the world and also science labs where they can do the practical work of physics, chemistry and biology separately.

Books and toys Library

We have a library occupied not only with books for junior and senior students but also with toys for the students of play zone.

Art and Craft

We teach our students how to give shape to their creative designs by encouraging them to make different things in art and craft class.

Personality Development

We help our students do develop not only academically but we believe that there should be overall development of a student. For this we encourage our students for public speaking by giving them chance to perform in different activities like extempore, assembly presentation, debate, group discussion, speech and G.K. quiz etc.

Medical room

We take care of the health of our students by maintaining a sick room where a student can be treated with first aid or he can take rest if he is not well.